About our Services

We offer a wide variety of dental services including, but not limited to, 1 day extraction with denture placement, denture partials,  full, and cast medal partials, Valplast (registered trade mark) flexible partials, repairs and realignments of existing dentures.

We use the highest grade quality materials available on the market, Just because we offer affordable price does not mean we have an inferior product. We offer a quality product at an affordable price point.   

We offer a very down to Earth, warm opening inviting office environment. Dr Little offers flexible appointment time frames to ensure his patients are cared for at don't feel rushed in & out, we spend the time with patients that they need to help them feel comfortable.  We take time to educate our patients to understand the process, oral health, and how to maintain their teeth & dentures

We accept all major credit cards & cash. We will fill out your Insurance forms on your behalf at no additional charge so the patient can be reimbursed according to their plans.